Take a Second to Notice

by Katie Yeaton

This week I have a challenge for you all. As summer nears and finals clear, students evacuate the library, and halls are cleaned for summer housing, I want you to appreciate the bliss and simplicity of walk around campus. Take pictures and share them with @SAfirstyears quickly sharing why you love this spot on campus.

Here are some of my photos:

If you ever fly into Vegas for a vacation, odds are you passed this area coming out of McCarran Airport. For me this sign represents the start of something new and an adventure of self-discovery. I was a tourist passing this sign in March of 2014. It’s amazing how life has changed in two years.


The view from Harmon Ave., the far west side of campus, otherwise known as my home during the fall semester.  Every Thursday and Friday morning, every Monday evening, plus countless other occasions, I find myself on this road headed to the intramural or football practice field with my band family.  Perhaps their my ‘pot o’ gold’ since I captured a rainbow in this picture. If you look closely, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is just off the center of this photo.

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