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by Olivia Miller
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This is it, the graduation celebrations are over, the goodbyes were cried through, and all of the moving boxes are unpacked in their rightful spot. Now, comes the scary part – the first day of the job. As the quote above shows, starting a new job is scary, as scary as the first day of school – and I was scared for all 20 first days of school. To be honest I am a mix of emotions – scared, nervous, anxious, doubtful, but also excited and ready. A lot of people have told me over the past few weeks that I am ready for this next step, that I will do great, but I still have that tiny (but loud) voice in my head saying “but am I really ready, am I really good enough?”

One of my favorite quotes in my quote journal comes from the movie Warm Bodies – “all great things start off scary.” The first time I heard this, it resonated with me deep in my bones. I have lived through a lot of “scary” things: the first day of school, moving away from home for college, countless presentations, job interviews, and a new job. They all led to something great, so great that I could have never imagined it, just like the quote says. While the nerves can be overwhelming, I like to think of them as an indicator of just how great something is going to be. I am hopeful and positive that tomorrow and the next few weeks of training and New Student Enrollment will be another whirlwind of emotions, but it will turn out to be another great chapter of my life story.

For those of you starting your first SAPro job within the next few weeks, good luck – you’re going to do great things! Also, don’t forget to breathe, take time for yourself, and understand that this change will take some time to become an everyday routine (you aren’t supposed to know everything right away – we are still learning). And again, this is not a scary thing, but rather the start of something greater than you ever imagined.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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