by Dylan Ruffra

It is an interesting feeling knowing that I am done with most of the necessary things for school and work this year. As I am starting my internship this week, it feels good to know I will have time to relax. I feel relaxation is one area I missed this year as a #SAGrad. As I will be going into my final year of graduate school in the fall I want to create more times for me to relax and have fun. Before I know it my two years of graduate school will be up and what will I have to remember it ?

This year I would often go into the office early in the morning and stay there till class started and then do homework after class in my apartment. Throughout the semester, I had a hard time taking time for myself. As I know that next year will be ten times busier than this year was, I will need to get ready to have some balance. With starting my last year, it will be important to me to create time to have to myself. All throughout high school and my undergraduate career I was big into running. This year I often did not have time to go for a run everyday. There would be times that I would set alarms to get up and go for a run, but I would be too tired. I will need to make it a priority to create time to have fun after I complete my work and school tasks.

This past week it has been interesting to not be pinned down by an assignment or a work deadline. It has given me some time to chill and actually relax for once. I have also been able to catch up on all the sleep that I missed cramming for those papers. It has felt good to have some free time to myself. One thing that I am really looking forward to this summer is enjoying the outdoors. I love everything about being outside, so in my free time I hope to go hiking or kayaking. Next year as I am trying to have a good work life balance, I will try to take at least a hour a day for myself.

What are some ways you try to relax and how do you practice good work life balance throughout the year?

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