Recognizing Our Student Leaders

by Dylan Ruffra

This week was our National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) end of the year banquet and it was amazing to see how the event went. During this ceremony we were able to honor some of our great leaders in the residence halls throughout the year. Most of all these student leaders gave up their time and energy to volunteer to make our halls great. They all worked to create positive energy in the halls and amazing programs to get residents involved. It is great to have leaders in the hall that care about making the hall a fun living experience. Helping put this banquet together with awesome students was a great experience to end my year.

Putting this banquet together required a lot of hard work and we had to start planning at the beginning of the spring semester. We first had to start with reserving the ballroom and picking out the food that would be served. This was a big task since we were picking out the food for 100 people. Then we started to give out the application material for our awards and pick out the trophies. After that we had to send out our invitations to our guest, so they would know when our banquet was taking place. One of our last prep things for the banquet was to handle the administrative parts such as programs, certificates and other awards that needed to made. The last thing was all of the set up and take down we had to do.

During our banquet we were able to honor many people that contributed to the success of our housing department. We were able to recognize all of our hall presidents and give them a gift of apperception. We were also able to recognize the general members of the Association of Residence Halls who helped us with many different initiatives throughout the year. The recognition of the executive boards of Association for Residence Halls (ARH) (some schools call it RHA) and NRHH was something I was very happy to help with. These boards have helped with many things campus wide and have both worked to help make students feel included. Then came time for our “Of The Year” awards, where we were awarded Program, First Year Student Leader, Student Leader, Resident Assistant Appreciation and Hall. It was great to honor all these students and to see them get recognized.

As the end of the year is upon us, it is important recognize all the students who have made a difference this year. Recognition is a big part of who I am and I think it is important to give appreciation to those who deserve it. I have worked with a lot of students over this year and I am so thankful for them. They have provided so much help to me this year and I am very proud of them for it. This year has been a great year and I owe most of it to the students that I work with!!

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