Expanding the Coach In-Residence Role

by Katie Yeaton

Hello all!

This year has been a whirlwind to say the least. Looking back to my grad school/GA application process, I am so thankful I decided to come to UNLV and become an Academic Success Coach. Thinking ahead, I want to expand my role as the Academic Success Coach In-Residence this coming year and lay the groundwork for my predecessor. I have a few ideas in mind, but I would like to hear from all of you about some ideas from your institutions. Feel free to Tweet me (@kyeat29).

Here are some of my current ideas:

  • As the current Academic Success Coach In-Residence I work one-on-one with students on time-management, studying, and organization. I typically work with first-year students since my office is in a first-year residence hall. To increase the visibility of my role I am considering sending a letter for each residential student and leaving it in their mailbox. My hope through this strategy is to inform all residents about the Academic Success Center and Coaching; however, I am not sure if all students will check their mail and, therefore, if this strategy will be as effective as an email. I am willing to do both a physical letter and an email, but I would like to entertain other ideas too before proceeding.
  • To change up my one-on-one coaching approach, I am looking to increase the number of outreach events hosted during the school year. Since the RA programming guidelines are changing this year, I figure this is a great time for the Coaching role to expand. I was thinking of doing a time-management, semester-long calendar session at the beginning of the semester and a study skills session in October/March before mid-terms, but I am still thinking of some events for the conclusion of the semester. I want to encourage more peer-to-peer interactions and discussions during this final events. What are some events you have seen/hosted? There are a fair number of day-time de-stress activities on campus, so I am considering a later afternoon event to wrap-up the semester.

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