by Dylan Ruffra

NCAA Hockey Championship 2016: UND vs. Quinnipiac Score and Twitter Reaction

Sports can have a big impact on the environment college students get to have while at an university. It is interesting to see the roles that sports play in students coming to college. This weekend was pretty good weekend for sports at the University of North Dakota(UND).  Over the course of the past month UND has been competing in the NCAA Hockey Championship. Through the past month the pride and school spirit has been building up our campus. Last night it came down to the championship and we were able to pull out victory.
On Thursday, the Frozen Four happened and it came down to a close game. At the beginning UND was able to start off strong. Throughout the game it ended up being a very  close game. In the third period the game was tied between both schools. This is when this game was very nerve racking for me. Within the start of the last minute UND was able to score a goal and take the lead by one point. The other team decided to pull their goalie to bring another player onto the ice. This ended up bad for them and UND was able to score another point, which in turn sealed the deal and led UND to the championship game!
On Saturday UND played Quinnipiac University from Connecticut for the championship game. No one knew what was going to happen, but they thought it was going to be a good game. Starting out you could tell UND was there to fight for the win and the championship. Throughout the course of the game UND was able to maintain a strong lead. When it came down to the third period, that’s when things started to matter. It was all or nothing and the players were able to put it all out there to win the game. When final buzzer sounded at the end of the third period you could feel the electricity in the city. It had taken us 16 years to  win our eighth championship and it felt good.
The students were pretty excited as well and they took to the streets celebrating. Students were all over downtown and at the university celebrating. They were screaming out cheers loudly and rioting in different areas. Most of the students were being safe while celebrating this glorious victory. It was interesting to see how our students were able to take pride in this great win! What are some of the ways your students take pride in your schools sports?

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