Reflection: Learning Through the past

by Dylan Ruffra @drcards
During my time as a Hall Director there have been several time when I have reflected back on my time as a Resident Assistant(RA). I have thought about how my previous Hall Directors have handled certain situation.In my current role I often give advice to my RAs that my Hall Directors gave to me and I feel the irony of the situation.  As I sometimes tell the students I work with: they can’t do everything, it is okay to say NO, take time for yourself, and to have pride in your accomplishments. Whenever I give this advice to students I feel my old Hall Directors come out in me.
Through all the different times I talk with students and give them advice it  reminds me how much those Hall Directors who supervised/advised me truly cared and wanted me to grow and develop.  It makes me realize that as these people were giving me advice I should have taken full advantage of it. As I am passing on the advice that past Hall Directors gave me, not only am I helping the students but I am helping myself. It makes me think about how I am actually using the advice that I am giving out. Do I make time for myself, or what am I doing to not please everyone and just NO every once in a while?
It makes me think about what am I going to wear myself out if I try and do everything? Sometimes I have to think about what is best for me. Within my daily life of being a Hall Director I think how I can develop like my previous Hall Directors did and how I  can be the best like they were. They were the role models that make me want to be the best Hall Director I can be and individuals I still look up to.
I am glad that I was able to have passionate supervisors in the past. I am able to put some of their leadership skills into action. With the lessons they taught me it has helped me be a better supervisor and leader.As I only have been in the field a short time it gets me thinking about how they will have great new advice for me. I cannot wait to see the great ways the lessons that my past Hall Directors taught me as an RA will keep playing out. I am grateful the experiences I had thus far and the many people that have helped me get here. I would be nothing without those who have supported me in my path.

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