One Step Closer

by Olivia Miller

A few weeks ago I wrote about feeling overwhelmed with things going on both on and off-campus, with my professional and personal life – while continuing to march on and keep my head held high. Now things are starting to finally slow down, for which I am extremely grateful and now I can enjoy the last three (?!) weeks of graduate school and my time at K-State.
    I am excited to let you all know that after a stressful job search, I have accepted an offer for an Academic Advisor position at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln – and I start just ten short days after graduation! I am happy that I have found my new home as a #SAPro, at a place that allows me to connect with the College of Arts & Sciences, work alongside multiple K-State grads, and not be too far from home. With the acceptance letter signed, and background check completed, I am truly moving one step forward in my career in student affairs.
    While I was nervous about this job search for months, and chewing my bottom lip throughout the process, it is important to emphasize that everything was happening for a reason. As many people told me, trust the process, the right position at the right institution would open at the right time. That is easy for people who have been through the process to say, but still difficult for people to hear, and actually listen to what is being said.
For those of you wrapping up your first year of graduate school, first of all congrats, and keep these things in mind for next year:
  1. Keep your head up
  2. Don’t compare your job search with others (and you don’t have to discuss it with your cohort if you don’t want to)
  3. Ask for support and guidance from your supervisor, mentors and your family, you aren’t in this alone
  4. Don’t waste time applying for a job that you know your heart isn’t in
  5. Make a list of what’s important to you in a job, what you have to have, what you don’t want, and what you are willing to make a compromise on
  6. Remember your value, your strengths, to be yourself, and take time for yourself
  7. Enjoy this part of the ride, it’s the scariest part, but before you blink it’s over

Student Affairs - the First Years

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