Marching On

by Olivia Miller

“We put one foot in front of the other, we move like we ain’t got no other, we go where we go, we’re marching on.” – OneRepublic, Marching On

This song, and this lyric specifically, has been on my mind for the past few days. The last half of March has been a whirlwind of emotions, with the strongest one being overwhelmed. Two days after I got back from my spring break vacation ended, my grandmother passed away. While our family knew that the time was coming, it was still very much a shock and upsetting. I was away from work and school for five days, plus the Easter weekend and during this time my job search switched into full gear.

In just a few short days I have scheduled Skype interviews, had phone interviews, prepared for an on-campus interview, and recently invited for two more interviews. All of which is great, but for me right now still in the early stages of grief and processing, I am feeling very overwhelmed. While I was gone each committee I am on had a meeting, the search for my GA replacement began, and I had to reschedule my comprehensive exams for the end of this week. While being overwhelmed seems like the standard for this time of the semester, it seems like even more so this year than in years past.

However, I am extremely lucky and fortunate to have such a supportive environment at K-State. My supervisor has been there for me, stressing the importance of putting me and my job search first; my practicum supervisor was in the room when I got the call from my parents; and my student staff members have been positive and supportive with hugs since my return. While I know I am certainly not the only person feeling overwhelmed or stressed right now, especially in the last semester of graduate school, I want to stress that it is ok to reach out to others and acknowledge these feelings. It all seems like so much right now, but this too shall pass. If you find yourself feeling the same as me right now, please keep the above lyric in mind and now that together we’re marching on.

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