It’s On Us: UND Edition

by Dylan Ruffra

This month is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and I have been helping spread the word about events that our campus is putting on. It’s On Us is a campaign that is in its second year and helps bring awareness to what sexual assaults is and ways to prevent it. It is important to get to college students aware of this issue so they know how to react. College students may see this issue happen on their campus and have to know what to do when it happens. The first week of April, the It’s On Us campaign has designated it as a week to bring awareness.

The campaign wants to get people out there to help others know what consent is and how it is needed to prevent rape. They have four main statements when taking the pledge to know it’s on us. They want people to recognize that non consensual sex is sexual assault. This is something that is always required when having sex. Next is to identify situations where sexual assault may occur. It is important to look for different behaviors that people are showing toward each other. The third part of the pledge is where to intervene in situations where consent cannot be given. When people are incapacitated or have had high amounts of alcohol or drugs they are not able to give consent. The last part of the pledge is to create an environment where sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported. It is important to let others know these actions are not acceptable and will not be supported.

Here are on the University of North Dakota’s campus we have whole week of events planned to get the word and let students know about the issues. We are having a freeze mob one day in our Memorial Union during the lunch hour where we will freeze in the middle of the union and someone will sing a song to bring about knowledge to this issue. Another day we are playing the movie “The Hunting Ground” and having a panel discussion about the movie to let students know what our campus is doing to prevent these issues from occurring. We are also having a lunch and learn discussing rape culture for students to attend. Then throughout the week we are having different outreach tables to spread the word and increase people’s knowledge. It is good that our students are getting the information so they know how to help with this cause and prevent sexual assault from happening.

It is great to see all the things my campus is doing and the many ways I can help support it. Ever since I have started to be in Student Affairs this is one of the areas I have been passionate about in advocating for students. It is always good to see campuses supporting this issue and I cannot wait to see how it turns out. What are some of the interesting things your campus is doing for Sexual Assault Awareness Month?

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