International Week: Talent Show

by Olivia Miller

This past week at K-State has been International Week, with our International Coordinating Council (ICC) putting on a variety of events with final event being the talent show. Despite it being another crazy and hectic personal week, I wanted to end my week by volunteering and attending the talent show. There were six acts with over twenty students showcasing their talents and cultures in front of a packed audience. We were entertained by four different dances featuring Kpop and Bollywood music as well traditional costumes from Sri Lanka and Vietnam. The other two acts consisted of traditional songs with traditional instruments. 

My favorite part of this event was everyone’s excitement and enthusiasm – to showcase their country and culture, or audience members getting involved and cheering on their friends. It might sound silly, but I was smiling and clapping along the entire evening and wishing there were more performances and more domestic students seeing and supporting our international student population. I was so encouraged seeing the support and pure delight of everyone in attendance, and it made me proud to be a part of an office that works with and supports this student population.

Throughout the evening highlights from the week were acknowledged, starting with a video showing parts of each event that occurred earlier in the week. There were various awards given out with the Sri Lankan students getting the most. Before the winners of the night were announced, the scholarship winners (that I had been on the committee) were announced and all brought up stage. I was so excited to put faces to the names of the students I had read about! Finally the quartet of Bollywood dancers were announced the winners and they finished the night with a surprise performance, and invited people to join them on stage. It was a great end to a fun evening.

How does your campus showcase international students? Have you taken part in any international events?

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