Going Through a Budget Changes

by Dylan Ruffra

There are many times when a school will have to evaluate how they are spending their money. Currently that is what we are doing here at my institution. As we have had to assess our budget, every department has to submit a new budget to be evaluated. This is an interesting process seeing first hand and watching how everything comes out to play. The students are a group that is truly affected, so it is fascinating seeing them experience this process. There have been times that the school has had to cut things that not everybody has agreed with. This will be remarkable experience to see how this all unfolds.
With the different academic department there have been some programs that have had to be cut or had to reduce their budget. The students are able to sometimes be okay with this and then other times they try to fight for their academic department. Within our music department they ended up suffering a lot from the budget cuts, which did not make some students to happy.  When they first found this out they went and had a peaceful protest during spring break. A couple weeks later they were out in one of our main quads waving signs, playing music, and having other students sign a petition. These students truly care about their education and they are trying to fight for it to stay. Other students, who are not actively participating, have started to accept that there major is not going to be here within the next couple of years. Some students are going to stick it out, while other students are trying to look for other institutions they can go to. It is interesting to see how students are going to react to their academic program going through the budget cuts and learn from the experience.
Another department that has received more budget cuts is athletics.  This starts to affect a lot of the student population that attend our campus. The students who are affected most are those student athletes who play the sports. After this year we will be losing two different sports at my university. You have to think about what this does to the students who play these sports. For most of them this is why they came to college, and now it is being taken away from them. This is something they have done their whole life and now they are not able to play.  This can be an emotional issue for some of the student athletes have to deal with. The other group of students it affects is the number of students who go to those games. This takes an activity that made their college experience fun away from them.  The budgets cuts have started to affect all of us around campus.
While different academic and athletic departments are being affected it is intriguing to see what is happening to some student affairs department are having to do. Some offices have to let people go and others have to alter the services they can provide. Across the board, the budget is impacting the college experience for all students.  We will have to keep on waiting to see on how the final budget affects the collegiate environment of our institution.  How has your institution been affected by the university budget and how did the students and staff react to it?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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