Crunch Time

by Katie Yeaton

There’s something about finals week that makes me want to run, hide, scream, or presume the fetal position.  I’m kidding of course.  Finals weeks is stressful.  Understatement.  Finals week and study week for that matter are both crazy periods of time where everyone appears to be in desperate need of sleep and caffeine.  The one major piece of advice I have been giving my first-year students/coachees is to take a breath.  Everything comes with time and you get there by focusing on your needs.  The first step is to take a breath.  So, for all folks out there who are entering the finals season - whether you are personally in the mist or your students are preparing - I encourage you to take a breath.  Focus on your goals and your motivation.  What brought you here?  What is your motivation?  Why did you choose a career in higher education/student affairs?

For my fellow graduate students, there will be times where you want to give up on an assignment or divorce your capstone/thesis...don’t.  Take a breath.  Ask yourself why and take a leap of faith to overcome this barrier and fulfill your goal.

Remember, the only excuse to run away, hide, or scream is if you are being chased by a t-rex...

Happy finals season and may the odds (and caffeine) be ever in your favor.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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