Your Office, Your Space

by Amanda Stewart

I recently switched campuses which meant that I had to move my office. I was pretty settled in my last office: post-its, pictures, day-by-day running calendar, bulletin board etc. When I packed everything up and moved to my new office, it took me a few weeks to make the time/take the time to get settled in.

On my list of “important things to do” when I start new jobs, setting up my desk/office space is usually last. I don’t prioritize setting up my space and feeling at home like I should. I haven’t paid attention to the value of what a happy space brings and contributes to my work. That’s what happened when I made this transition to my new office: I neglected getting settled and dove right in - feeling out of place and off balance.

I’ve been here for a month now (wow, time flies!) and I just took the time yesterday to get “settled in”. I’m feeling much more at home and more relaxed as I work. Need some inspiration? This is my Pinterest Board full of my dream office spaces: home and work. I’m hoping to get my home office space set up this weekend - currently it is organized chaos but I plan to clean it up. I’ll post a picture on my Instagram when I’m done @mandijstewart if you want to check it out.

I’m a believer in how your space looks affecting the work that you do. I work best when I am surrounded by things that inspire me. What’s in my office space? My running calendar motivates me to get to the gym and makes me smile each morning. The poem that we read in counseling class in graduate school hangs on my bulletin board and reminds me of my faculty, my cohort, and to take a deep breath. (The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer) My “Be a Warrior, Not a Worrier” natterdoodle reminds me that I totally got this, and worrying won’t get me anywhere. I saved an old Curly Girl calendar and used the bright images to spruce things up. And of course, a drawer full of snacks and a space for my coffee mug.

What’s on your desk? What’s hanging on your bulletin board? What phrases do you have written on post-its?

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