Training for the Finish Line

by Olivia Miller

To celebrate Leap Day last week I took a leap of faith and signed up for my first half marathon, the Bill Snyder Highway Half Marathon taking place May 21st. After completing my first 10k with my sister back in October I had been debating with myself if I should commit myself to this next step. I was worried about not being a good enough runner, if I could really complete the race or even the 12 week training, but took that leap and decided to go for it.

For me this race is about closing a long chapter of my life – my time at K-State and specifically my time as a graduate student. These past two years have been similar to training for a big race, step by step learning and growing as a student affairs practitioner and adding new ideas and experiences (or extra miles) to cross that finish line from SAgrad to SApro. At the beginning of graduate school it sometimes seems like too much and we feel overwhelmed with how much we learn and need to know in order to become a professional, but that’s why we train and why we have each of our classes – to learn that knowledge to eventually put into practice. With each semester that goes by we learn so much and that finish line eventually comes upon us and no longer seems impossible to cross.

With officially just over two months left until graduation, and 11 weeks until this half marathon, I am realizing that I am prepared and have been well-trained to cross that finish line into the professional world. It might be crazy to train for a half marathon during the most stressful semester of graduate school, but for me it allows me to spend some time every day to relax and reflect on this other race I have been preparing for two years. Just as there are good and bad days of training for a race, there are good and bad days in graduate school – but each of them make you a better person and you learn from that experience, and it makes you stronger. For each of you about to graduate this semester, do not give up – keep moving, keep training and know that you are well prepared to cross that finish line.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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