Staying up to the Midnight Hour

by Dylan Ruffra

This week was the week before spring break and everything decided to be due. Before the end of the week I would have to complete one presentation and annotate 33 sources for two different literature reviews. Before the start of the week I started to look at everything and get overwhelmed. Getting all this done was going to be a big task and I still had to be a hall director at the same time. Whether I liked it or not everything had to get done and it would take me more than a couple long nights. This week started to make me feel like I am actually in graduate school. This week taught me that procrastination is never the answer, to be prepared for what life throws at you and to take pride in my academics
  1. Procrastination- Even though it is easy to just push things off to the last minute it is never a good idea. By doing this you are causing yourself more stress than you need too.  Since I procrastinated it caused me to stay up late a couple of nights. This is never a good idea to neglect sleep, since you need it for daily function. With procrastinating it does not give you enough time to give your full attention to an assignment. For me I had to rush and make sure that I was able to get is done, before making sure everything correct. Next time as I have assignments, I will plan them out better to make sure they are done in a timely. It is important to make sure that you can give an assignment the appropriate time it needs.
  2. Life Happens- It is important to realize that as you are going to graduate school, life can still happen outside of class. As I was trying to get all of my homework done for all three of my classes I still had to get all my work done as a hall director. Even though I was staying up late, I still had to make sure I was in my office by 10 AM. I had to make sure that I was balancing both school and work during this whole week. As there were different programs that I said I would help with I had to take the time to be there and help them be a success. As my staff needed help with different things I had to help them in any way that I could. While going to graduate school it is important to have a balance between getting all your stuff done in your classes and meeting all your work requirements.
  3. Taking pride in your Academics- As I am in graduate school my academics are very important to me. Some of my classes might be challenging, so it is a good idea to talk to the teachers when I need help. As I am learning new things in my classes, it is important to take advantage of them since they will help me in my professional career. In higher education what you learn while in the classroom, will help you outside classroom. For me as everyday is a learning day in higher education so it is important to full advantage of what I am taught.

This past week really help me grow in my academics. As it may have been challenging to get everything done, it really taught me a lot. I learned the importance of balancing work and class at the same time. I realized that no matter how hard I just wanted to call it quits and turn it in late that I could not do that. To me it is important to meet the deadlines that are set and putting your best foot forward. It gave me a huge sense of accomplishment when I was able to turn everything in on time at the end of the week. I am thankful for having a program that really pushes me and challenges me to succeed!
 Take pride in your academics

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