Be like Winston

by Olivia Miller

This past week I watched the latest episode of New Girl, a show that I have kept up with throughout college and graduate school, and watched as the best character (Winston) gave some important advice. After Schmidt is worried about what people will say and how Winston will look at work, Winston gives this response.

“When are you going to stop worrying about what people say? When I look at my suggestion box, it is full. People have a lot to say about how I live my life, but there is one comment card I pay attention to. You know what that card says? It says ‘great job, keep it up’. And you know who filled out that card? Me.”

It’s simple advice, but something that I think we need to be reminded of every once in a while, especially in the field of student affairs. A lot of people have input about our field, about our jobs and if we are doing the right thing, or doing enough for our students, but what matters is that we are confident in our own abilities. Throughout our career and life, there will be a lot of comment cards with negative things written on them, but the only comment card that matters is the one Winston wrote for himself – “great job, keep it up.”

The spring semester is a crazy one, and a time when all of the other comment cards seem louder than others, be like Winston and keep writing your own comment card and listen to just that one.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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