A SA First: Scholarship Committee

by Olivia Miller

Early into my practicum at International Student Scholar Services (ISSS) I was asked by one of the advisors to serve on the International Coordinating Council (ICC) scholarship committee. I was thrilled to be given this opportunity as it was something I was not expecting, and honored to be considered. At K-State, each April the ICC hosts the annual international week with different events organized by international students to showcase their home country, and the scholarships are awarded at the final event of the week – the talent show.
This year there were 74 applications for just over 10 scholarships, and after reading each application and letter of recommendation, there are many hard-working, incredibly intelligent and impressive students on our campus. It was difficult giving rankings to each applicant; my role was to rank 0-5 on campus/community involvement, awards/memberships, financial need and letter of recommendation. Each of these students are doing wonderful things, not only for our campus community, but the international community as a whole in their research and studies. I was thoroughly impressed with so many of these students and I am excited to find out next month who gets awarded the scholarships.
Serving on this committee has been one of my favorite parts of my practicum experience, and I am grateful to have been a part of this year’s process. Reading and learning about 74 students was eye-opening, and once again reinforced just how much our international students enrich our campus community – I wish there were 74 scholarships to hand out, as each were deserving. I hope in the future (wherever I end up in whatever capacity) I can serve on similar committees to learn more about students just like these!

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