The Art of Making a Team

by Dylan Ruffra

As it is now February, that means in residence life we are starting to think about next year. This week we finished our process for Resident Assistant selection for the next academic year. It was a neat experience to be a part of the committee from the beginning of Fall semester and finally see everything come together. Now that almost all the hard work is over, it is time to pick the team that will work best together for my hall next year!

Being on the RA selection committee there were many tasks that we had to accomplish before selection started. In November, we started getting our information ready for our info nights that we were having for potential candidates. There were five info nights strategically placed throughout campus a couple weeks before selection weekend that candidates had to attend. These info sessions gave candidates a description of what it is like to be an RA and they even got a chance to ask questions to current RAs. Once the candidates had been to an info night they submitted their application and got ready for group interviews. During group interviews we had four activities that that the candidates did together that showcased their teamwork, leadership skills, creativity, confrontation style, and ability to be flexible. Seeing the different groups do these activities will helped us fine different characteristics that would work well in a staff and make the best team for our halls. After they had finished their group interview, they signed up for an individual interview. This is where we were able to talk to them more in depth and find information out about how they were able to do at different parts of the job. Now as a supervisor I have to find the best balance on in new and current staff to serve the needs of residents in the building.

As I am reviewing the files I am trying to see the different characteristics the candidates have. I want to make sure I have people that will build great community but will also be able to handle policy as well. It is important as well that I am able to get a team that will balance each other out and work well together. It would not be good to pick a team that is over powering but you don’t want a team where no one is willing to step up to be the leader either. Finding a team that will work best together can be a daunting task. What are some of the ways in your position that you try to pick the people for your team to best fit your department?

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