New Job

by Eric Mason

There’s been an awakening.

Can you feel it?

No, I am not joining the First Order. After almost a year in my position as an academic advisor, I have decided to accept a position as an undergraduate admissions counselor for my same institution. I will oversee recruitment for local students just outside of Fort Worth. Most of my current work is in advising and recruiting international students, and I am looking forward to the change.

While it feels strange to leave a job so quickly, I am looking forward to the new opportunity. Admissions had always been a goal of mine, and the opportunity could not be passed up. This is another step towards my career goals in student affairs, but one that gives me the high levels of student contact and guidance that I seek. In graduate school, I grew to love the customer service and first point of contact role I had in my assistantship. Working in admissions allows me to build on that experience while developing in a new field. It connects me directly with a place I have quickly come to call home. Helping local students discover this connect through UTA will truly make my place here. Arlington has become home over the last few months, with UTA being a large part of that. I look forward to bringing this connection to others, especially those who may overlook UTA due to its location so close to where they already live.

The past year has brought a new state, new job, a new dog, new hobbies, friends, and a sense of self. While I am not sure where I want to end up in the future, this is definitely the right step towards my goals. Leaving my current position is bittersweet, and I definitely and looking forward towards this new journey.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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