My SA Valentine(s)

by Olivia Miller

Although Valentine’s Day was yesterday, each and every day should be a day to celebrate your love and appreciation for the people you care about most. Valentine’s Day also is not just about celebrating romantic love (despite what society and advertisements say), but also friendships and admiration. Specifically within student affairs there are so many people I have grown fond of, and cannot imagine life without them and their impact on my life. Below are just a few of my SA Valentines.

  • ACIC staff: all 14 of you current staff members (and those before you) have shown and taught me so much. It has been an honor to watch each of you grow in your work and call each of you part of my family. 
  • Macy: you’re my SA best friend and I cannot imagine going through graduate school without you. Baylor and its students are lucky to have you!
  • Michelle: the person who got me onto my current path in student affairs, you has always believed in me and supported me, thank you for everything. 
  • K-State First and ISSS: each of these offices have given me wonderful experiences as a practicum student. I have learned so much about two very different offices and everything they do for both first-year and international students, and greatly appreciate the opportunity to work for them both. 
  • Dr. Craft: my major professor, you have taught not only me but so many students so much about our field. If I can be half as great of a student affairs professional as you, I would be pleased. 
  • My next institution (wherever that may be): I am so excited to begin our journey, and to learn to love you and your students as much as I love K-State.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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