Accept or Decline?

by Katie Yeaton

Have you ever gotten a job offer and turned it down at the potential of another position?

As internship season is upon us in NODA and ACUHO-I, I cannot help but think back to undergrad. My freshman year I interviewed to be a campus tour guide and turned down all other interviews. Why? I had my heart set on becoming a tour guide. I mean, my friends would call me a walking college dictionary, why would I not be a shoe-in for the job? Well, freshman year passed and then sophomore year. Two interviews with admissions and still no luck. Sophomore year I did interview with one other place on campus, and looking back I was foolish to pass up the opportunity. I was so focused on becoming a tour guide that I neglected to consider my other chances to help around campus and expand my knowledge. Fortunately by junior year some sense had been knocked into me and I accepted my actual dream job. I became a circulation desk worker and I fell in love with the library.

I’m not sure what was holding me back from exploring my job options my first two years of undergrad, but I can certainly say I am happy with the results. When I stepped outside of my plans I started to challenge myself more, even becoming a front desk worker for the summer. A part of me still wonders how my life would have differed if I had become a tour guide, and another part of me does not want to know. Working at the library has helped me embrace the college-enthusiast I am today and I would be the same Academic Success Coach if it were not for my library reference knowledge.

So what does this entire experience mean? With internship and graduate school selection season upon us, I encourage you to find what internship or program speaks to you. Do not hold out for another position if you feel a good vibe for the offer you have. Can this position challenge you and make you think outside the box? Why do you want the position offered? Why do you want the position you have yet to be offered? Ultimately the decision is yours. Take the internship or graduate program that speaks to you, and remember not to silence any of your options.

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