A Global Perspective

by Olivia Miller

This semester I am excited to have the opportunity to work with International Student Scholar Services for my second practicum. Even though it has only been two weeks in the office I have already had the opportunity to meet with students for individual academic meetings, be part of a student panel interview for an International Student Advisor candidate, and started planning the annual Game Night program. This office is completely different than my first practicum, K-State First, our first year experience office, and I am enjoying the direct student interaction.

I planned to work in this office since last year because I wanted to work with international students. This is a student population I do not work with often in my assistantship – not many international students are picking a major, but rather studying here for a specific program. Originally I had hoped to work with visa advising, but that is reserved for the advising staff. Instead I am working with the Student Support Coordinator and meeting with students on academic probation, and students just starting their first semester at K-State. Last week alone I met with seven students who struggled academically last semester, and it was interesting to hear what was causing their struggle. Some students had health issues, another had a family emergency, while other simply had trouble adjusting to the amount of time and freedom (and like many students did not want to go to their 8:30 class). While these meetings have just started, I have enjoyed getting to meet students from around the world, including Kazakhstan!

I am excited to see what the semester working in this office holds and what all I will learn from these students. College is already a challenging adventure, and being in a different country adds another layer – one that I cannot imagine going through. I hope to learn how to best serve these students and ensure their success while at K-State.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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