What’s Your Word?

by Olivia Miller

http://www.foodielovesfitness.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/be-fearless.jpgSince the New Year has started I have seen a lot of posts and articles about a word that people have chosen to live by in 2016. I first saw a friend’s photo on Facebook with coffee cup with the word “courage” on it, then one of my student staff members wrote a blog post on her word of the year “contentment,” then she also shared an article by someone who wants to be “engaged” this year. After seeing all of this within the span of a few days it got me thinking about what my word will be for this year. I initially thought of change because a lot of that will be happening in the next 12 months – new job at a new institution, possibly in a new state or new time zone. Then I quickly remembered that my motto growing up was “change is bad,” and figured I wanted more of a positive outlook for the year. 
Thus began my search for the perfect word. Once I decided that I needed to find a word I came up with a few, but found reasons for why they were not the right fit. Content was something I thought about, to be content with where I am in life both professionally and personally, but to me content means being ok or satisfied, and I wanted something a little more than that. Thinking back to all of the changes that will happen I acknowledged how scary and worried I will be, but knowing that I will end up being exactly where I need to be. That is how I came about to the word “fearless,” to be without fear for the year in spite of all the changes. As Taylor Swift wrote for her second album, also “Fearless,” “to me, Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death,” and that is what I hope to do this year. 
I officially started my job search over winter break by applying for my dream job, and got a first round phone interview last week. While it went well, afterwards I was not fearless, but rather overthinking all of my responses and coming up with reasons why I would not make it to the next round. This is not how I want to conduct my job search, I need to be confident in myself, my abilities and experience and be fearless during all of the upcoming interviews. Last week, The Student Affairs Collective posted an article titled, “2016: Make Commitments, Not Resolutions,” with one of the commitments being “fear means you should do it.” This short commitment has become my motto to live by, if I am afraid or unsure about a job I should apply anyway. No matter what happens this year, I want to be confident in myself, to not play it safe, and to be fearless in 2016.
What word do you hope to live by in 2016?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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