Surviving Grad School

by Dylan Ruffra

Graduate school can be a challenging time, but you can learn many important things from it. As I have just finished my first semester of graduate school, there are many lessons that I have learned. There are many significant take a ways when going through your program. I have listed the top four things that helped me through my first semester and I hope they help you as well.
  1. Meet Deadlines- These are real important whether you are doing stuff for your assistantship or school. There are times where professors are going to want things done in a timely manner. As you are a graduate student, they have the expectation that you can do things on time. With your assistantship they will need you to meet set deadlines. Some of the projects may have a time limit attached to them - the sooner they get done the better.
  2. Have a Support System- Going to graduate school can be a hard time. It is important to reach out to those around and talk about how things are going. The people in your grad school program will know the hardships that you are going through. It is good to have people to share your success and frustrations with. Having a support system will also give you opportunities to receive support on different academic things as well.
  3. Grow and Develop- It is good that while you are in grad school you are looking for opportunities to develop as a professional. This can be a time to explore all the different areas that student affairs has to offer. It would be wise to try and get experience in multiple different areas, so you can make yourself more marketable. You can also develop as a professional by having a mentor to help you along the way. They can offer you good advice and let you know about their experiences.
Have Fun- It is good that while you are in grad school you make time to have fun. Sometimes life can be stressful and it is important to do things to combat this. With having fun it is good to make time for yourself. You do not want to be overwhelmed and stressed out. You want to have fun and make tons of memories during the time you are in your grad program.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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