New Years to Summer

by Cassidy Lawson

Hello, it’s me. (Sorry, I just had to!) Here I am back to work after two weeks off to start my second semester at JMU as a fulltime professional! It’s so crazy to think how fast the fall semester flew by and how before we know it, summer will be upon us!

Those two weeks off were filled with some wonderful moments but also some tearful ones, as the holidays always do have a way of bringing a little drama to our lives. I’m ready to start the New Year refreshed and reenergized! I definitely have some New Year’s Resolutions that I want to keep this year:
  1. Get healthy and make fitness a PRIORITY-I know I know, call me cliché but I put it on my list every year and never really get around to it. I’ve decided to take full advantage of JMU’s newly remodeled gym this semester and get into shape FOR FREE! I’ve never been one of those people who likes to go for runs or work out all the time, but I always feel good after I work out. I just need to do it and stick with it!
  2. Try and make unplugging and clearing my mind a priority-With the start of the new year, I’ve been feeling a little anxious about some things coming up as far as my job responsibilities go. I would really like to focus on meditation, yoga, and journaling to keep me sane this semester!
  3. Doing more things that make me happy! I love to read and go outside and spend time with friends, but like most people, I’m not as intentional as I could be. I want to make my self-care a priority this year!
  4. Save money. Because student loans.
  5. Continue to develop as a professional in my field and within career and academic advising.
Those are my top five that I can think of for now! I really want to make 2016 a great year because 2015 was a HUGE year for me. Not only did I get to see Sam Smith live in concert, but I also got to hug Big Sean when he performed at JMU. I graduated with my Masters Degree in May and got a brand new car. I mourned the death of an old friend and broke off an engagement. I got my first full time position in Student Affairs, got a beautiful apartment in one of the best towns in America, turned 25 and started a new relationship. Overall, 2015 was chock full with a lot of amazing, bittersweet, challenging and life changing moments. I really hope 2016 brings lots of happiness and blessings for me and everyone else!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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