May the SA Force be With you

by Dylan Ruffra

With of start of 2016 underway, there are many ways to think about how you personally are going to grow in your career. As student affairs professionals you know that you always have the Star Wars “force” on your side. You have Yoda, who is your trusty mentor that is always on your side and giving you advice in a time of need. Then there are Storm Troopers which are the different networks of people who have your back and provide guidance. Then there is your Light Saber, which is your reliable theory book that will help you through diverse situations when dealing with your Jedi students. As long as you believe in the SA Force you will be able to grow and develop into a successful professional.

Everybody has a Yoda in their life that they can turn to in their time of need. Yoda, has been a master Jedi for many years and most of my Student Affairs mentors have the same experiences. My mentors have been their to share their wealth of knowledge of the SA field and make sure we I am successful. As you are entering the Student Affairs field, you will need your Yoda to help guide through your new journey. Yoda when he is training his Jedi’s helps to develop decision-making skills but challenging them as they handle various battles. Yoda’s actions reflect how your mentor should help you along your Student Affairs path. Having Yoda on your side will help you defeat the dark side your students may have and prevail to the Light side.

As you are coming into the Student Affairs galaxy everyone needs their Storm Troopers by their side. As you become involved and gain more experiences in the field you will create many networks of Storm Troopers on different galaxies. Having all your networks of Storm Troopers can help you excel in many ways. Your networks can provide you with guidance and be a listening ear when times are tough. When you are going through a new or a difficult situation they are someone to talk to who’s had similar experiences happen in their past. Also, your network of Storm Troopers can be a good support network to have on your side to help you through certain battles you are going through on your Student Affairs quest.

As everybody starts their Student Affairs journey they need to learn how their Light Saber works and be prepared to go into battle. As a new professional I am just now gaining the skills to work my Light Saber, since I’m starting my SA Theory Class to learn how to connect my Storm Troopers and manage my galaxy. As you are learning the different theories that students can go through you learn more and more about how to become a Jedi. As you gain more knowledge about the theories you are able to know how to work your light saber and become a better Jedi. As you go through the different coursework during graduate school and have different experiences in diverse departments, you get to learn how to become a master Jedi of Student Affairs.

As you are going through this spring semester “May The SA Force Be With You”!


Student Affairs - the First Years

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