Four Months Left … Four Goals

by Olivia Miller

Last week classes began for K-State leaving me with just four months until graduation and I officially move from a graduate to professional position. It is crazy to think that in a few short weeks I will no longer be a student, but rather a professional moving on to the “real world.” Now knowing how fast and crazy the spring semester gets no matter who you are or what grade you are in, I wanted to make a list of four goals to live by during these last four months.
  1. Stay positive, keep your head up and do not compare your journey to those around you. In our practicum class last week we went around and discuss our feelings about the upcoming weeks and our professor mentioned the stress and comparisons that will undoubtedly come up. Sure enough the next two days I was texting my best friend, a new Baylor pro, about who in our cohort had jobs and offers. She offered me words of encouragement to offset my negative self-talk. The thing is, I cannot compare myself to others, each journey is individualized and by comparing I will just make this process more stressful than it needs to be.
  2. Be present in the now instead of primarily focused on the unknown future. As someone who loves a plan I know I will be concerned and nervous about the job search until I have accepted a job offer. However, I have a job right now along with a practicum and I need to put just as much effort into both just as I have in the past. Being present in my work will allow me to focus on what I can control – my interactions with the students I am with now.
  3. Use my discipline strength to prepare for comps, and not just the two weeks before. Although comps are not scheduled until April Fool’s Day, I need to make it a priority of mine to study throughout the semester leading up to that. Four semesters of theories and practices is a lot of information that I need prepare for, and thus I need to use my time wisely.
  4. Lastly, use my time wisely to spend time with those that matter most. Yes, this semester will be hectic, but I also need to distress and spend time with friends outside of work and the classroom. Taking breaks will be needed in order to balance the cover letter writing and studying. I hope to have lunch and dinner dates with mentor, mentees and friends alike, and cherish the remaining time I have with them. At the end of the day, your job or career should not be your priority, but rather being a good friend, sister and daughter is more important.
Four simple goals to live by, four goals to make life easier during these next few months. For those of you coming to the end of your SAgrad journey, I hope you each take the time to enjoy the ride (stop and smell the flowers), before you’re off onto the next stop. Have your own goals or guidelines in getting through this last semester, and do not forget a few things – believe in yourself, eat three meals a day, and try to get 7-8 hours of sleep.

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