Lessons from Dory

by Dylan Ruffra

As I am so close to the ends of the semester, I am thinking of the lessons that can get me through closing down my building and the end of my first semester of grad classes. A movie that I really liked as a kid was Finding Nemo, so I took lessons everybody could learn from that. One lesson, that I learned from that was just to always keep swimming. When they were stuck with the jellyfish they had to learn how to just keep swimming and not worry about what was around him. It is important an to try to be as stress free as possible. There are a million and one things that could go wrong, but if you keep your mind off of it you will have less stress. It is important to keep your mind the least stressed as possible, so you are able to get task done faster. The lesson I learned is to not stress over the small things, and if you are doing everything you are supposed to it will work itself out.

It can always be scary trying new things, but it is good to know there is someone who is always trying to make sure I can find my way. When Nemo was lost the other fish in the tank tried to help him find a way back. Whenever I am stuck on something I have an amazing team that I can turn to for help. There are people in my department who are always willing to help me find my way. It is good to know you work with people who are there to support you. Whenever I am lost on different task, I always try to reach out to coworkers to help me find solutions to my problems. It is important that during these last two weeks that I am able to find my way through all these process.

While being a Hall Director and a student there are a million and one things that I have to remember. It is important to remember the most the important task. When Dory could not remember anything during the movie, she was able to remember what mattered the most (the address). If I can remember the things that matter to most to me, I will be able to make it through these last two weeks stress free. It is good when stressed out to realize why you do what you do. The students are the most important thing to me. So helping the students these last couple of weeks will be a great feeling for me. To have a great end of the semester it will be important to follow some of Dory’s actions. This will help me remember why I am here and not worry about the stress.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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