Helping Those That Matter The Most

by Dylan Ruffra

Everyone who works in Student Affairs knows that the students are the most important thing. It is always good when you can find a way to help them. When finals come, students can always start to have a lot more stress. It is important that you are able to help them with their stress in a positive and fun manner. The more times that you are able to help students relax, the more times they have to not freak out. I am very impressed with the ways that my staff has helped our students relax as they are preparing for finals.

The first way they have helped our students relax is by serving food and cleaning at the moonlight breakfast. Every year during the fall semester dining has a late night breakfast from 10PM-midnight on the night before reading and review day. They always have housing staff help out at the event, which is a great way to help our residents. It was an amazing experience to see my Resident Assistants, serve the students of our campus. I know it was hard to be up until the wee hours of the night but they did everything that night with a smile on their face. Their positivity is what kept me going throughout the whole night.

The other way that my Resident Assistants have supported our students in preparing for finals is by having a Study-A-Thon. During reading and review day they had a program where they had an atmosphere that promoted some fun and studying together. This was a four-hour program where students brought materials to our lobby to prepare for their finals. We had tons of food for residents to have while they were there as well. At various times throughout the program they did stress relieving activities as well. Then on every hour mark they raffled off prizes to encourage residents to stay longer and keep studying. This was a great program that helped residents get prepared for finals and have fun while doing it. Overall I have been pretty impressed about the ways my resident assistant have helped our building with getting ready for the end of the semester.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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