A Week of Celebration

by Olivia Miller


This past week and weekend has been focused not only on wrapping up the semester academically (no more night classes!!!), but also celebrating friends and family members as they graduate and move on to their next stage of life. In three days I said goodbye to two student staff members, said goodbye to my best friend in my program as she graduates and becomes a SAPro, and then spent the weekend watching one of my cousins and sister graduate. While this has been an exciting whirlwind of a week, it is starting to hit me how often I will be saying goodbye in this profession. Students will graduate and coworkers will leave, and I never realized how difficult that will be for me. So, instead of being said, I want to focus on the bright side – each of these people are moving on to bigger and better things, and technology will keep us all in touch.

My student staff members, David and Miranda, are some of my favorite coworkers. Miranda was the first student worker I met in my assistantship last June, and the one I was closest to. I worked with David all summer and discussed almost daily the progress of the Royals leading up to their World Series win. I am excited for Miranda to start her SAGrad journey and for David to student teach next semester – both of these individuals have a passion for students and will be great professionals.
My best friend Macy graduated a semester early on Friday and will be starting her SAPro journey in Texas. Macy has been my rock this past year and a half and without her graduate school would not have been as fun, memorable and rewarding. Like David and Miranda I am excited for her next step and see where life takes her. The future students she will be working with have no idea just how wonderful and impactful Macy will be in their lives.

Last, but not least my cousin Adam and sister Victoria both graduated this weekend from Pittsburg State and Missouri Southern State University. Adam is like a brother to me, and Victoria means the world to me. Both have jobs lined up, and Victoria is headed to Caspar, Wyoming. I am grateful for this past weekend to celebrate them both with family and friends.
While saying goodbye is difficult, it is important to celebrate this moment for each of them. As the semester closes I hope each of you have the time to celebrate and send off your students, coworkers, friends or family with multiple hugs, limited tears and a full heart. As the celebrations for others wind down celebrate for yourself – you made it through another semester!

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