2016: The Year to Journal

by Olivia Miller


Last Monday I found a Student Affairs Collective Article that spoke to me. “The Importance of Journaling as a Student Affairs Professional,” by Kim Scardino Bock outlines the different reasons why journaling can help one as a #SAPro. Kim writes that journaling allows for intentional reflection of your work with students, as well as a way to track all of your professional development. After reading the article (found here: https://studentaffairscollective.org/importance-journaling-student-affairs-professional/), I quickly shared it on Facebook and bookmarked it for myself with a new goal for 2016: to start journaling for my career. I already have a quote journal and track my exercise routines, as well as write for this blog so why not have a journal that focuses on my career?

I love the idea of reflecting in writing, I already have extensive notes in my appointment folder at work, and also love the idea of having all of this reflection in one place. Many of us meet with multiple students throughout the semester and quickly forget about appointments –both the good and bad. By having a journal and being intentional with reflecting we can refresh our memory and learn from the past. My goal for the next year is to have a journal such as this and have a routine each week dedicated to this reflection time.

Not only do I like the idea of reflecting on work, but I also love the idea of journaling about one’s professional development. So often we get caught up in the day to day work that we can forget about special projects or events, let alone conferences that last days. By journaling our professional development we easily create this section of our resume, no more simply adding a line, but rather having an intentional reflection of what this opportunity gave us and what we will do with it in the future.

As someone with the strength of Intellection in their top 5 I never knew how to use it in my daily life. I simply saw it as a way to explain the constant blur of activity constantly going on in my head. Writing, in any format, has been suggested as a way to utilize this strength and this idea of journaling is prime opportunity for me. This journal will help me better articulate my work and professional development, both to myself and future employers. I am excited to see how this new routine plays out, and hope that some of you will join me. Happy journaling!

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