Thanksgiving: 365 Days A Year

by Olivia Miller

While Thanksgiving may be over and the focus shifts from Black Friday deals to Christmas, I continue to recognize the many things in my life that I am grateful for on a daily basis. So often this holiday is seen as simply a prequel to Christmas with food, football and shopping on the side, rather than a day to focus on one’s blessings. As a society, we get wrapped up in the little things. As a graduate student I too get wrapped up in the little things – all while complaining my lack of sleep. Instead I should be grateful that I am able to continue my higher education, something not granted to everyone, a full refrigerator and closet, among many other things. As Thanksgiving of 2015 passes here is a list of 15 things I am thankful for, not on just a random Thursday, but every day.
  1. My family: without my parents and sisters I would be nothing.
  2. My grandmothers and their health: while their health may not be perfect, at least they are still here and I have the fortune to continue to learn from them.
  3. Kansas State: the place that has made me the person I am meant to be, and the many opportunities it has provided me.
  4. My support system: lifelong friends, mentors, coworkers who continue to show me what it means to be a good person and how to help others.
  5. My education: each teacher from the past and present have taught me so much more than standard curriculum and theories, and I value each one of these lessons.
  6. My job and future career: where I can use my strengths to help others achieve their potential and watch them develop into their own, all while looking forward to “going to work.”
  7. My apartment: a small one-bedroom studio offers me my own tiny piece in this world.
  8. Kansas City: my hometown that provides me and so many others hometown pride.
  9. Mother Nature herself: the daily beauty, between sunrises and sunsets, multicolored leaves, star-filled skies and changing seasons, I find myself amazed at it all.
  10. Advent Lutheran Church: my hometown church that has taught me to love others, forgive others, and that grace alone is enough.
  11. Running: a new hobby picked up this year that allows me to push myself farther than I could have imagined.
  12. TV shows and music: mental escapes that provide laughs, tears and every emotion in between.
  13. Piles of books: fiction, non-fiction, biographies or textbook all continue to pull me in and open new worlds for me.
  14. Social media: not to get the most likes, but to connect with and learn from others around the world.
  15. My alarm clock: which allows me to begin a new day, every day.
Although this time of year is wrapped up in the craziness of finals, holiday shopping and travel, as well as disagreeable weather, may each of you continue to count your blessings and be thankful 365 days.

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