Thankful for...Student Affairs

by Cassidy Lawson

So often, I hear people say how much they hate their job. We all have heard people vent about how they’re not supported, valued, or appreciated at work and honestly it’s a sad reality for a lot of people. However, I’m currently not and hopefully never will be one of those people. Even though the days are hard and the hours are long sometimes, I truly am thankful for the impact I get to make everyday within my position in Student Affairs.

My job is pretty unique; the office is truly two separate offices combined (Academic Advising/Career Services in addition to the Employer Relations/Recruiting side) so not only do I get to advise students on classes and majors, but I also could review a resume, look over a personal statement, help a student with their job search, and talking about networking and personal branding all in one day! The great thing that I love about my job is that I get to have so many different interactions with students everyday and feel like I actually make a difference. The comments at the end of the appointment like, “Thank you so much” and “This was so helpful” are always amazing and make it all worthwhile.

All of that being said, I feel like I give back to Student Affairs by keeping things new and innovative in my office; for example, even though I’ve only been in my current position for 4 months, I have already started a Staff/Student mentor program and I’m working with a few other colleagues on streamlining our presentation requests. I also am contributing to the University as a whole by serving on several committees, such as learning more about assessment or being on the Honor Council.

I am giving back to the field of Student Affairs by being committed to my professional development. I’m constantly striving to better myself as a professional by reading articles, talking with colleagues, and being involved online with new and current trends.

Most importantly, not only am I committed to my personal development, but I am also committed to the students. I strive my hardest to be as supportive as I can while also providing an emphasis on the student making his or her own decisions.

This holiday season I’m just very thankful that I’m in a job where I get to do what I love and I can make an impact on student’s and the field of student affairs.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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