More Than a Place

by Amanda Stewart

The state of Colorado holds a special place in both my partner and my hearts. We both lived there, at separate times and in separate areas. He worked in residence life at a school in Denver, I lived in Colorado Springs with my family, where I attended middle school.

I spent a transformational summer in Gunnison, CO learning about myself and higher education. I went off to my ACUHO-I summer internship at Western State Colorado after a week of dating and my partner came to visit me twice.

We’ve traveled to Colorado together to visit family and get away. We are headed there this weekend for a wedding and some more family time.

Colorado is our state. The Colorado flag hangs in our home office. Being there makes us feel at peace. We are at home in the mountains with the fresh, clean, Colorado air. My partner will tell anyone who will listen to plan a trip to Denver. He will sit next to you until you book tickets and then give you a list of things to do while you’re there. I have a whole Pinterest board just for this one state.  

I think having these special places to escape to, is important. Having a place that makes your heart happy and at rest is essential to our wellness. It could be a bench at a local park. It could be somewhere on the other side of the world. It could be a bookstore or a coffee shop. Maybe you get to go there once a day, maybe you only have been there once and don’t know when you’ll be back.

Whatever and wherever it may be, make time for those places. Make time for reflection in how you feel when you are there. We all need time in a special place to clear our heads, don’t forget that.

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