I'm Thankful For...What Student Affairs Has Done for Me

by Dylan Ruffra

Ever since I have entered the field of student affairs it has helped me greatly and I am so thankful for the things it has done for me. While being in the student affairs field I have started many great friendships. Some of my closest friends that I have are coworkers that I met through the field. Student Affairs has also helped shaped some of my passion areas and given me great leadership opportunities. This field has also allowed me to have plans for the future and people to help me with those plans. I am thankful for the many great things that student affairs has done for me.   
With entering the field my junior year of college, I was able to meet many great people. With the two staffs that I was on, I was able to make great friendships. These co-workers/ friends were able to make the job enjoyable for me. They were people that I could talk to whenever I needed to or just have fun with on the weekend. When I was going through my job search process, they were the people that I could talk to about my failures and help celebrate my success with. Making lasting friendships goes the same up here in North Dakota as I have become a hall director.  Some of the other Hall Directors, I have been working with have been real helpful and a great friends to have up here. It is great to have someone to talk to who is going through the same things and have similar interest.  It is good to know that I am in a field that has provided me with lifelong friendships.   
Within the field of student affairs everybody has their own thing they are passionate about.  I believe that everybody in the field, does hard work and it is important that they get recognized for it. Over the three years that I have been involved student affairs, it has helped shape my passion for recognition. During my last year at my undergraduate, I held the recognition chair in two different organizations. I think it is important that the people you work with feel valued and that they know they are doing a good job.  I try to do this in many ways for the staff that works for me. One way that I like to recognize my staff is by showing them appreciation and telling them when they are doing a good job. Another way I like to recognize them is by giving them treats or their favorite snacks. It is good to be in a field where I get the opportunity to excel and let others know how they are excelling as well.
Within my field there are many opportunities to plan ahead for what is to come. As I am just about to finish my first semester of grad school it is interesting to think about what I want to do in the future. I am glad that I work in a field that has a lot of room for exploration. It is good to able to put your hand in the different parts of student affairs. As I have been working as a Hall Director, I have realized that I love working in the residence halls and getting to see students grow first hand. It is amazing to see the growth that certain residents are able to have throughout the year. Another aspect of my job that I love is programming. It is great when my Resident Assistants see a problem and they are able to plan a program to try and fix it. I like that within my job I get to help plan programs that help fist year students get connected as well. I do not know exactly where I will be in my future, but I will be trying to work with the different options in programming or housing.
The field of student affairs has done a lot for me as person. It has given me a career path and friendships to last a lifetime. The field has also given me different opportunities to grow and develop. It is good to be in a field where I can learn new things and grow as a professional. I am so thankful to work in such an amazing field.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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  1. Congratulations on the first semester being (almost) finished and welcome to this beautiful, wild ride! Student Affairs brought me my best friend/mentor and has been something that really helped me focus my purpose and energy!

    Good luck with finals and remember, it's just getting fun :)


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