I’m Thankful For … What I am Going to Do for Student Affairs

by Olivia Miller

In six short months I will graduate and officially be a #SAPro, with a full career ahead of me. I am excited and thankful not only for moving onto the next stage of this journey, but to also give back to a field that has given so much to me. No matter what my first job ends up being, I am most excited to see the development of the students I will work with. I hope to give back by empowering each student that I encounter and help them become the person that they are meant to be, I get to do that already with my work at ACIC. There is no better feeling than a student feeling empowered in making a difficult, life-changing decision in what they want to do with their future.    
Whether my first professional job is in academic advising, career counseling, first-year experience, or international student services like I hope happens, I am simply grateful for the opportunity to work with students. I hope that my future in this field is fulfilling, exciting and changing for the better. I also hope to give back by introducing the field to students, to continue finding students to mentor one on one. Eventually I hope to get my PhD and become a faculty member so I can teach a new generation of #SAGrads, but there is a lot of opportunities between now and then.
I am thankful for my past, my present and future in student affairs. I hope to help others just as many others have helped me along the way. Giving back and continued growth, both as an individual and a profession is important to me, and I am excited to see what all is to come in the future.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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