I'm Thankful for My Student Affairs Mentor

by Olivia Miller

I’m Thankful For … My Student Affairs Mentor

With November already upon us there are many things that I am thankful for and to start off our theme I would like to give thanks to those who got me to where I am today. There are so many individuals who whether they know it or not, have greatly impacted me and my journey into student affairs – from my freshman RA Sydney who informally introduced me to ResLife, to various people within Housing and NRHH, to the best supervisor I have ever known and officially brought me into the profession, to my current practicum supervisor each have added a piece of who I am as an individual and a professional.

The person who has helped me the most get to where I am today (besides my parents) would be Michelle Haupt, my former supervisor at ACIC where I worked my senior year and currently as a Graduate Assistant. Michelle is everything I could have hoped or wanted in a supervisor – kind, approachable, a teacher, someone I want to be like, and she truly has left the biggest impact on me and I often wonder where I would be if I never had the opportunity to work for her. Michelle gave me the opportunity to work at ACIC after originally not hiring me my senior year, and was the first person I went crying to when I knew my previous graduate program was not the right fit. She showed me that the world of student affairs is not just ResLife like I originally thought, and encouraged me to apply for the program and saw me begin my SAgrad life. Michelle left K-State last December to begin a new chapter in 
missionary work and will leave for Tanzania in two months. While I miss working with her every day the life lessons she taught me both in and out of student affairs stay with me, and I hope to be half of the person she was on our campus. As for who is helping me now that would be my current staff and supervisor at ACIC. I love my job and the work that I do and the main reason is due to the wonderful people I get to work with every day. Watching the staff members grow and develop in their work has been such a joy over the past year and a half and leaving them will be the biggest challenge when I graduate. My current supervisor, Jared, is helping me now in taking tedious amounts of times to look at my resume and cover letter edits, listen to my concerns and worries of the job search, coaching me to not check my email as often as I do, and encouraging me with opportunities for further development. As scared as I am to leave this office, I know that the people and lessons will never leave me, but rather make me a better professional in the years to come. 

To all of these individuals at K-State, thank you for believing in me, for taking me under your wing and teaching me, and guiding me along this road to my future, I am forever grateful.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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  1. Mentors are the best! They love us, help us and push us to succeed...but it doesn't have to stop with them! One of the most important things to me when looking for a job is finding the right fit in a team! Our work is so demanding, exhausting and tough sometimes that you have to have a great team to work with! Think about all of your favorite things about your mentor and look for those in a leader in your office or in your department. It may not be your direct supervisor, but as long as you have someone you can connect with first job experience will be all that much better!


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