I am thankful for… ASHE

by Katie Yeaton

Hello fellow student affairs enthusiasts and friends!

My name is Katie Yeaton and I am new to Student Affairs – the First Years.  I am currently in my first year in the Master’s of Higher Education program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas – Go Rebels!  I am wicked excited to be sharing my experiences with y’all and I hope to here from you in the comments section.

To kick-start my posts, I am sticking with a ‘November thankful’ theme.  Last week I was fortunate to attend the annual ASHE conference in Denver, Colorado.  The Association for Study of Higher Education, or ASHE, is one of the reasons I choose to come to UNLV since they are the host sight of this academic side of higher education.  When I first arrived to pre-conference, I must admit I was overwhelmed with the number of people.  When someone told me Astin was attending this conference, I just about freaked.  Clearly I was excited to be at ASHE and to be among the writers of all of the student affairs and higher education I am reading.

The number one part of this conference I am most thankful for was the Council for International Higher Education’s Mentorship program.  I was one of two Master’s students in a sea of Ph.D. seeking students.  Clearly I was in ah over my mentorship group’s accomplishments.  After talking for about an hour, I started to feel more confident in my decision to come to UNLV, to work in both Student and Academic Affairs, and my goal of completing my Ph.D….someday.  I am so thankful for my mentor and fellow mentees who stopped me from saying, “I’m just a Master’s student,” and now push me to search for the best-fit Ph.D. program.  I know all of this work seems years away, but for a first-generation college student, like myself, I am elated to be doing the unexpected and yet so fulfilling.

Thank you all for reading my first post!  I would love to hear about your favorite conference experience in the comments section!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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