When It Rains, It Pours

by Cassidy Lawson

Happy October everyone! How is everyone’s semester going? Here at JMU, it’s been a little wet, misty and dreary to say the least. I’m sure all of you have heard about the Category 4 Hurricane Joaquin that is steadily approaching the East Coast these past couple of days. It’s basically been raining in Virginia since last Friday and hasn’t stopped since. Today, the Virginia Governor sent out an email to all state employees saying the Commonwealth of Virginia is in a state of emergency… which is a problem since this weekend is Family Weekend. Most of the outdoor events have already been cancelled, except the Football Game. It’s just not a good time for this to be happening (not that there’s ever a good time but still). 
 In addition to the approaching weather, we also had a crazy flash flood on our campus this past Tuesday. Tuesday was my office’s Career Fair on East Campus, so I didn’t witness any of the flooding, but it was massive. I’m including some pictures for context. I literally couldn’t believe it when I saw my campus was underwater…there have been so many pictures, videos, and hashtags about Tuesday that JMU has made national news once again. During the flooding, some of our students chose to partake in the flooding by going out and trying to swim, kayak, and canoe in what used to be a parking lot. This is problematic because of the danger and sanitary issues, but also because a few years ago, a student attempted to do this when campus flooded and drowned. Our administrators are on high alert right now since crazy weather usually means bizarre behaviors from students. There have been multiple “Madison Alerts” about the weather and safety tips for students this weekend. Our SGA sent out a statement to the JMU students via their Facebook page about how upset they were with JMU administrators for the lack of communication about the flooding. Our student newspaper, The Breeze, did a whole front-page article about the flooding, reporting that the city saw its monthly average of rainfall in just five days.

Has your campus ever experienced any crazy weather patterns that affected the safety of your students? How do your students respond to these events? Wish me luck this weekend for more rain…it looks like it’s going to be another lazy weekend tucked in with blankets, candles, and soup!

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