Welcome Back Amanda!

by Amanda Stewart

SA First Years,

After about a year hiatus, I am back to weekly blogging at Student Affairs First Years and could not be more thrilled! I thought I’d start my first post with a few brief updates on what I’ve been up to and a little about me...

My first year as an #SApro was turbulent to say the least, and full of awesome learning experiences. The position I accepted after completing my masters degree, actually ended about 2 ½ months later. The institution that hired me ceased, rather abruptly, all of the traditional undergraduate degree programs which made my job as an admissions counselor obsolete. With a dark chocolate bar in one hand and a cup of coffee on the other I was back on the couch writing cover letters. I found a position right away at Lincoln College. The experience taught me a lot about myself, leadership, and finding silver linings. Although I had 2 positions at 2 different institutions in one semester, I landed on my feet and I am a better professional today because of it! Everything happens for a reason, right?

So, I’ve spent the last year...

  • ...drinking a lot of coffee (and Instagramming it, of course)
  • ...cheering on my alma mater: Iowa State University - GO CYCLONES!
  • ...navigating my second year as an #SApro (Western Illinois University College Student Personnel ‘14)
  • ...running marathons, reading, singing Taylor Swift & Bruce Springsteen at the top of my lungs, practicing yoga, learning, getting tattoos, & sending snail mail
  • ...working as a Transfer Admissions Counselor at Lincoln College Normal in Bloomington-Normal, IL
  • ...and making new friends (because it isn’t always easy after college/grad school!)

I am SO excited to be back on the Student Affairs First Years writing team, and look forward to connecting with all of you! Twitter/Instagram @mandijstewart

Student Affairs - the First Years

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