Success takes time.

by Eric Mason

Nearly six months out of graduate school and into the “real world,” I find myself often frustrated with how slow things can move. Projects can take weeks to get approval. Settling into a new city is not done in a day. I am still considered “new” at work.

I graduated early from both undergraduate and graduate school. I am currently living in my third state in under two years. For five years of school, my life had hard deadlines: papers, reading assignments, work projects, they all seemed to fly by me. I knew I had only so much time to build a resume and gain experiences need for success post-school. I knew my time living in Las Vegas for graduate school was limited, so I took advantage of that. I explored and soaked into as much of it as I could. It was a temporary existence, and one that set me up for success in my current situation.

My life has slowed down a great deal. I did not imagine enjoying it as much as I do. My time living and working in Dallas for the last six months has given me a new perspective. While projects at work and adjusting to new circumstances have taken a bit more time, I am able to focus more deeply on projects at work and ensure they are given the time and attention they deserve. The hectic, fast-past time I spend earning degrees has given me a new opportunity to approach work and life with a much more patient mindset, one that allows me to truly examine events, people, and projects with much more detail.

For all the talk of an 8-5 lifestyle being “boring,” I would not trade it for anything. I can focus on work while there, and then leave to go home to my girlfriend and dog. I am advising a fraternity and a departmental student organization. I joined a cycling group and have begun to know regulars as the nearby dog park. I can be in this job for a few years and not have to worry about a graduation deadline. Dallas has become home, and I do not plan to change that anytime soon. Success has come as my mindset has shifted. While my outlook will surely change in the future, I can be happy knowing that I am developing the patience to adapt to changing circumstances as they come.

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