Start Something that Matters

by Amanada Stewart

I spent the last 2 days devouring the book by TOMS founder: Blake Mycoskie, Start Something that Matters. I could not put it dow
n and am still on an “inspiration high” from reading it. I found the entire book to be packed with such great life advice, I had to take notes while I was reading it! (Maybe I do miss graduate school after all, haha!)

I took a lot away from this story, and now I only want to buy TOMS merchandise (well played, Blake) for the rest of my life. (Could they please make work-appropriate attire next?!)

I think that this book could be applied to many different areas of not only student affairs, but life in general. I think of student affairs as a helping field, we are all helpers and partners in the lives of many students. Our jobs give us the opportunity to make an impact, and to learn from those around us. I kept thinking about student affairs while I was reading this book, and how we can work even more creatively to make an impact in the world around us.

I am still processing all that I took away from this read, and how I plan to apply it in the work that I do each day. I give it 5 stars. Pick up a copy at your local library and let me know what you think!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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