One Step at a Time

by Olivia Miller

This past week has brought the semester and thoughts of the future into full swing. In my classes I have either a group presentation or a test in each class, and the ongoing work/life balance battle continues. In addition to classes, projects and hours spent at my practicum site continue to keep a steady pace as well as the number of students I meet daily in the office. With this whirlwind of activity I have begun looking at jobs, and this terrifies me.

The job search is one that I have been preparing for since I began my program last year (Discipline and Deliberative are my top strengths for a reason), but now I am worried if I am starting to early, if I am qualified for any of the jobs listed online, or if I am deserving of my dream job that I found late last month. In additional to being a #SAgrad, I am also a professional worrier and overthinker, which is why I took it as a sign when one of my mentors sent out an update on her missionary life with the following verse: “let us run with perseverance that race marked out before us.” (Hebrews 12:1). As a privately religious individual I do not like to share and discuss my views, but this verse spoke to me this week. Yes, I am starting a race (the job search) and I am worried about never reaching the finish line, or at least stumbling along the away. However, I cannot waste time worrying, the race has already been determined – I simply need to take the steps and complete it.

In line with the running metaphor, I am continuing my 10k training as my race will take place in just three weeks. Again, I am worried about how I’ll do and if I can finish it in a certain time or if I’ll have to walk some of the race. Yet, with my training I have found myself getting stronger and better – this past Thursday I ran 5 miles straight, something I did not think possible when I started training a few weeks ago. This being said, I shall run with perseverance in each race I run, the only thing stopping me is myself.

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