Going to the Cities, The Twin Cities that is.

by Dylan Ruffra

While going through your master’s program it is always a good experience to get away from the city, you are taking classes in. With this weekend I and another Hall Director had a fun day and a half trip doing just that. We went to the twin cities in Minnesota to go MLB game and explore the cities. The twin cities is Minneapolis Minnesota, and St. Paul Minnesota that are connected by a river. From our campus it was just a short four and a half hour drive to get to the cities.

We left real early Friday morning so we would have enough time to explore the cities before we got to the game. One of the first things we did when we got there was go to the Mall of America. This is not your average size mall that you would see everyday. This mall is HUGE and has four stories that extend for miles and miles. If you are looking for any different store I would be shocked if they did not have it. This mall is so big that within the main level there is a small amusement park. They have a bunch of nickelodeon themed rides such as Jimmy Neutron, SpongeBob Square pants, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. To make the mall even more kid friendly, the have a great big LEGO store right next to the rides. This store has every lego type set that a kid could want. Within the four different levels there so many clothing stores that it could put any shopaholic in heaven. People that love coffee could find there happy place here as well, since there are at least five coffee shops between the different levels. To top it off there were even some candy stores that sold candy bars as big as my face. You could say that this mall pretty much had it all.

Then it came time for the main event the Twins versus the Royals game at Target Field. I have only seen one other MLB field, so it was nice to get to see what a different field look like. Target Field is a great stadium to see a game at and there is almost no where you can have a bad seat. We got to the stadium real early so we were able to walk around and explore the different parts of the stadium. As we got there we were able to watch different parts of the Royals batting practice as well. Once it came time for the game, it was interesting to see how each team did. This was one of the last three games of the seasons and the Twins needed a win to make it to post season play. For the first couple of innings the teams were able to make things interesting and have the game tied at one run each. Once it to the seventh inning, that’s when the Royals were able to take the lead and get the two runs, that were eventually able to win them the game.

Having this time away from school and work ended up being fun. It was good to take some time off to myself and not have to have any stressors. The trip was a well-deserved time away for being able to survive the first month and a half of grad school. It was a neat trip to be able to explore a different city and get to see another MLB stadium.

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