Changing Your Campus from Red to Green

by Dylan Ruffra

Something that was real important on my undergraduate’s campus was bystander prevention programs. It is important that students know how to help themselves when they get into situations where they do not feel safe. While students are living on campus or going to school it is important that they know the warning signs and how to protect themselves. The green dot initiative teaches students how to be safe on our campus and protect themselves and other students from unwanted sexual encounters. While being a green dot on campus your overall purpose is to stop red dots from coming to our campus. A red dot is any unwanted sexual behavior, or targeting words or offensive contact. By being a green dot you can stop these behaviors from happening right at the source and make your campus greener.

As part of sexual assault awareness month my campus launched green dot to make our campus safer. The launch was very well received and successful for students to go through. There were six stations that each student visited to learn how to stop red dots on our campus. First they were educated on what a green dot was and how to protect themselves. It is important that they are equipped with the skills to be safe while going to school. This is where the 3 D’s came in (Direct, Distract, and Delegate) and taught students know how to be green dots. Then they were educated on what red dots are and how we can stop them. It is good that student are looking out for each other and helping those when they are in need. Then there was a barrier maze that student could go through. This part let students walk through a maze and talk about how they would stop red dot by intervening in a situation and helping other students. This station was for students to know actions to stop red dots. The fourth station was helping students learn how to eradicate red dots. This was a fun station where students actually got to throw darts at red balloons. After this station there were many campus resources that taught student about the services they offered. The last station brought everything together and students wrote on a green dot about how they were going to stop red dots and posted it on our campus map. This program was very successful and taught our students the best way to protect themselves.

It is good that students are learning about these issues in the beginning of the year. This is something that is very prevalent on colleges and students needs to start becoming more aware. As October is sexual assault awareness month, it is good to see the things that my campus is doing to get the word out. Besides launching green dot, the also had the clothes line project and the take back the night rally. The clothes line project has survivors write or share their message. This was a good way to let people who have been affected get the word out and share their message. The other event that our campus does is take back the night and this let students share their voice. As students come into our Union they listen to a gust speaker and then we take to the streets letting people know we are not going to stand for domestic violence. It is great to see all the amazing ways that our school supports an amazing cause.

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