Going from Red and Black to Pink and Green

by Dylan Ruffra

Can you imagine going to a completely different university and starting a new position? Well, now add the factor that you are 17 hours away from your friends and family. Transitions can be a scary part of the student affairs field. With transitioning I get to do a lot of new things and learn while I am doing them. Things that can affect weather your transition is good or bad is your new position, the university that you are at and your family and friends.

Starting a new position can be a difficult task. There are so many new things that you are learning and you have to try and keep up with them. With my position I have so many more responsibilities than I have had in the past. It has taken some getting used to, but I think that my position as a Hall Director is going well. I am so thankful for the department I work in and how smooth they have been making my transition. Some of the other Hall Directors are easy to work with and have been great friends for me. I feel like I can go to anybody that is in charge of me and ask them a question. The housing staff here is always willing to help in any way that can. Through my transition, I have been grateful to work for my housing department.

Going to a new university, it is different not knowing where everything is or how things are run. I knew that I would have a lot to learn because I wanted to be able to direct my students on where to go. I think something that made me go through my transition well was just having pride in where I go to school and work. By having pride in where I worked, it made me happier to be at a new place. Something else that made my transition easier was by going around campus and seeing the different offices and meeting the other student affairs professionals. Working with the people who are in my masters program and other Student Affairs professionals at this university, has made my transition more enjoyable.

Probably the hardest part of my transition is being 17 hours away from home. This is a lot different than last year, when I only 2 hours away. This just means that I can not go home whenever I want too. It has helped that my friends and family are so supportive of what I am doing here. By keeping in contact with them, it has really helped the transition go well. Seeing and hearing about how out everybody is hanging out and I am not there has made me realize that life goes on. That just because I am not there with my friends and family, doesn’t mean that we won’t have a great reunion soon. Knowing that there are people that miss me and being able to talk to my friends and family has made transition easier.

During my 8 weeks here, it has been a transition full of change. It has been good to get to know people within my department and within the university. I know things are not like I am use to, but I am thankful for the experience. This transition is giving me some time to be myself and not be with my family. As I am several hundred miles away from home I am embracing all the new opportunities that I have. I am so exited for what it so come over the next two years and I cannot wait to see what UND has in store for me .

Student Affairs - the First Years

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