Work Worth Doing

by Dylan Ruffra

This week has really made me remember one of my favorite quotes and why I like it so much. During the week it has been stressful and I have felt like my head was running in 100 million different directions. When I was trying to keep my sanity this week it made me think of a quote that came from Parks and Recreation final episode. “Teddy Roosevelt once said, ‘Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is a chance to work hard at work worth doing.’ And I would add that what makes work worth doing is getting to do it with people that you love.” -Leslie Knope.

This quote is hanging up in my office along with many others that remind me why I do what I do. The first part of the quote talks about working hard at work worth doing. As a first year Hall Director, I think that my job has a lot of importance. Once residents start moving into Walsh Hall next week, I will be someone they look to as a role model. By being a role model to residents, I am able to watch them succeed academically and socially. With having a strong community with in my hall I feel that both of those things will be accomplished. What makes my work worth doing is seeing the end result and how residents are able to grow and bring about change on our campus.

The second part of the quote talks about getting to do the work with a team that you love. If it were not for a few of the other Hall Directors that I am on staff with, I might have lost my mind. As we have been going through training over the past five week it has been great to have some people to talk to. When you are going through the same things together it is good to have that group of people to meet with and get their perspective. My staff of RAs has been very helpful as I have been getting to know the position. At first I thought that there would be resistance from them since I am not their old Hall Director. I have learned that is not the case at and I think that we are going to work well together. As things get stressful for me I have to realize why I got into my profession and rely on the people that matter the most to me!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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