The Fit Life: Making it a Priority

by Olivia Miller

Growing up one of my least favorite things was going outside and getting sweaty. While my sisters would play basketball, football or foursquare, I would prefer to stay inside and read. After being outside for five, ten minutes maximum, I would start to feel gross and immediately call it quits and go back to the air conditioning. Fast forward to this summer, and I have changed my ways. Last month I was ready for that change and to make exercise, and sweating, a part of my daily routine.

After finding out that I had high cholesterol two years ago, it became necessary for this change. Last summer I starting running, or trying to, since my sisters were running. On Thanksgiving I completed my first 5k, and since then I have done four more with two more scheduled for the next two months, and hopes for completing a 10k in October. However, school took over and running no longer became a priority. This summer I had time to make it a priority, along with finding fitness instructor Cassey Ho of Blogilates, to find out that exercise can be fun and not a chore. In the past week I have scheduled myself different workout videos and have done early runs – including my first ever mile under ten minutes.

Yet, school is just around the corner and with it comes my worry that my own health will be put on the backburner. As someone who has always put others before myself, I struggle to take time to care for myself. I pour too much of myself into my work, am unable to say no which leads to more time commitments, and end up wanting to do nothing but eat dinner and fall asleep at the end of the day. This is something, a big thing, that I would like to change during this school year, which could be a challenge. As someone who loves routine, I simply need to learn to implement exercise into my already established routine, and then it will no longer be a challenge.

In student affairs we talk a lot about development and well-being, and I need to apply it to not just the students I work with, but also myself. My well-being, both physical and mental, are important and not something to be ignored. I need to be my best self in order to provide my best work for our students. With this is mind, while my schedule is getting full, the time for exercising will become a priority, simply another thing on the to-do list, not something on the should’ve, could’ve, list.

How do you as a SA grad or pro make your health a priority? What is your go to exercise routine? Any advice on becoming a better runner?

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