Sisters Always

by Susan Mathieson

Last week I got the opportunity to facilitate a two hour training for the new Collegiate Development Coordinators for Delta Phi Epsilon. I was asked to speak about communication, building relationships with key stakeholders and then advice for anyone looking to pursue a career in student affairs. At first, I had no idea how I was going to fill two hours with tips. I still consider myself a new professional and feel that I have a lot to learn, so I wasn’t sure what information I could share with them that would be beneficial.

Luckily I knew two of the women in my training. After being introduced as a student affairs rock star (thanks Andrea), I was feeling the nerves. Internally, I kept telling myself that you feel the same way when nervous and excited, so it was my choice. About five minutes in I decided to channel those feelings into excitement and just be myself. Once I did that, we starting breezing through the two hours and had a great time.

After four years of facilitating workshops and presenting, I am finally feeling comfortable sharing my experiences with others and some tips I have picked up along the way. I dare to say I even dropped some knowledge bombs!

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Student Affairs - the First Years

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